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Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 08:22 pm (no subject)
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Holy shit, it's been awhile. And oddly enough, I find that I don't have much to say.

We're moving in a few weeks and my life feels as though it's on hold. Starting fresh sounds better than fucking winning the lottery at this point. I can't wait to walk into a barren home, so many possibilities. I'm dreaming of the hardwood floors under my feet, the smell of new paint, the echo of our voices as we decide where we're going to put our belongings. I daydream about where I'm going to put my filing cabinets, my shoes, my dragonfly display, my stapler... Here nothing has a place, and I am going to make sure every single thing that we own is assigned a location in our new home. I am already planning it all in my head.

Aside from the impending move I have a few other new things going on in my life.
-Camarilla, not to be discussed at great length.
-paperbackswap.com, I have read 4 books in a week and have a pile of 10 to be read. Right now I'm reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. I don't know what to say about it. I've read erotica before (Exit to Eden in H.S., also by Rice), but there is just something about this particular book that pulls me in. Somedays it seems as though it would be nice to be owned and not have to make any decisions for oneself.
-Chasing Kelsey. She is proficient in racing up the stairs and getting to every outlet plug and/or wire in the entire house.
-Baby weight loss support. My online "playgroup" friends and I have started a weight loss support group. Could you BE anymore dorky? Anyway, it's really been helpful having girls there that have babies the same age as Kelsey, and are struggling with weight loss too. Our first weight in is tomorrow and I think I've lost about a lb.
-FOOTBALL SEASON started tonight - woot woot!!! Steve's work (Thank God) has started the infamous weekly football pool. I'm going to TAKE this thing this year! We had to cancel our NFL package b/c it was getting expensive paying for both that and the baseball package (if it were up to me we would have cancelled the fucking watching paint dry - i mean baseball - package, and kept the nfl one).

I'm back... was interupted for a second by a phone call from Steve's Aunt. She has a very thick accent and is pretty tough to understand. All I really made out of our 5 minute conversation was that she sent Kelsey some kind of bench with bunnies on it - one male, one female. She sent it before Kelsey was born. And I have no clue what she is talking about.

Going to eat dinner now.
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