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Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:23 pm Housewife jabber
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We are MOVING!!! Our couches, new tv stand, dining room table, and a bunch of boxes we never got to unpack here are sitting there awaiting our arrival! I am beyond thrilled. I am just so happy.

Today I went to Linen's N Things to pick up the shower curtain and accesories that I saw on their website last night, and they didn't have them. The original one I found was pinkish, blue, and yellow - trendy looking stripes. We currently have yellow towels, so to save us some money I've been trying to find a shower curtain with yellow in it so we wouldn't have to buy new towels. Even though I have been gravitating to blue/brown and pink/brown combos. Buuuuttt, since they didn't have the shower curtain, and the blue/brown one I loved was even cheaper. I decided to go for it. I decided that we're only going to keep hand towels hanging on the "bar" (I can't think of the correct name for the long rod that holds towels). So I just purchased 2 small hand towels that are blue. We will just keep our drying off towels in the linen closet. I stopped at Carol's before going to LNT because Tammy was there and she had 2 coupons for me. (I always throw all the LNT coupons I get out cause I never needed "house stuff" for this house.)

I just got Kelsey to sleep, and man, she is becoming such a little person. At the grocery store today she was laughing and talking at everyone, and she is just... my favorite person in the world. She is starting to look more like a little girl than like a baby, and these new facial expressions she is coming up with are just too much.

I'm going to eat my Lean Pocket, have a glass of Chardonney and get ready for Laguna Beach.
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